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Applying for a visa at some stage in the COVID-19 pandemic on the basis of family ties or an accepted relationship

All Finnish missions overseas responsible for entrance matters believe visa applications submitted by spokes person of clear special groups. Representatives of such particular groups include, for example, persons applying for a travel permit on the foundation of family ties or an recognized relationship. The circumstances for furnish a travel permit under the Schengen Visa policy must also be met.

If your family member or your associate needs to relate for a visa based on family ties or an recognized relationship and if he or she is occupy lawfully in a country where finnish does not have a operation that processes entry authorize affairs, the following applies:

  1. If Finland has go in into a visa depiction contract with another Schengen country, Finland can, in character instance, send a note to appeal the country representing Finland to grip a travel permit application relent by a person belonging to one of the distinct particular groups. The country representing Finland is not compelled to receive the application because, due to the pandemic, travel permit representation agreements have been dangle until more notice.The country on behalf of Finland makes all selection starting from receiving the visa application to the decision to funding the visa separately. It observes the Schengen travel permit Code and its own nationwide requirements and rule, which Finland cannot power. In a lot of countries, the client service is crowded, which is why it is not likely to forecast how long the dispensation of a travel permit application may take.

    Information needed in the note to be sent to the authorities:
    –    The Ministry for overseas Affairs must tell the name of the visa candidate to the authorities of the further country.
    –    Disclosing the information to the power of one more country is subject to a written permission by the applicant or his or her warden. This may be, for example a image of a signed letter of permission taken by a smartphone.

  2. In cases express above, please phone the Ministry for Foreign interaction by email on visas.mfa@formin.fi or by phone to +358 295 16001 (central on weekdays between 8.00 and 16.15 Helsinki point in time).

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