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Bangladesh symbols First PTA with Bhutan

Bangladesh and Bhutan signed the first “special deal Agreement” (PTA), allowing duty-free right of entry to a diversity of merchandise among the two countries. Highlights:

 ♦ This is the first PTA signed among Bangladesh and every country in the globe.

♦ The contract was signed on the event of the 50th anniversary of the organization of political relations among the two countries.

 ♦ According to PTA 100, products from Bangladesh will come in Bhutan duty-free. 34 things from Bhutan will come in Bangladesh duty-free.

 ♦ It is predictable that by June after that year, Bangladesh will sign 11 PTA and at no cost deal Agreements (FTA) with Indonesia and Nepal.

♦ In 1971, Bhutan was the first country in the globe to be familiar with Bangladesh as an individualistic country, followed by India.

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