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Bhashan Char desert island

About the island

The island, which length for an area of 40 square kilometers is understood to have produced only in 2006, by Himalayan deposit.

The Bangladesh Government is advance the Rohingya escapee to this desert island, which is situated 60 kilometers from the beach.

What is the issue around security of the Bashan Char Island?

The Bashan Char skerry are also called the hanging Islands. They are produced from the Himalayan sludge scrub down from the Himalayas. The island was produced a moment ago within 10 year of period. But according to the conservationist, it is already destroy at the rate of half a kilometre per year. The conservationist consider that the island is flat to cyclones and wearing away.

However, the current Amphaan cyclone demonstrate the security of the desert island according to the Bangladesh officials.

Other concerning the island

The island will become out-of-the-way throughout swamping and rough weather. The camp is to turn on on rain water group and subversive tanks. The Forestry section of Bangladesh have been planting flowering tree because the suggestion of the project began. However, approximately 5,000 to 7,000 acres of the forest have moved out in to the sea during the same time stage due to usual calamity.

The Government of Bangladesh is structure a overflow defence organization in the island. Two long dams are being erect under the security system. The external one being 12 feet high and the internal being 33 feet high.

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