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A Tale of Two Empire

The study of empires reveals that empires can be established on different foundations. A few of the possible foundations are political, economic, and religious. A more interesting study of empires is how they were organized. This analysis shows that the way in which an empire was organized, as well as …

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The Importance of Politics

The importance of politics cannot be emphasized enough. As a citizen of the country you must understand how politics works and influence how it affects you as well as your country. Politics affects you in the city as well as the country and politics influences the decision-makers in both the …

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What is Political Dimension?

What is the political dimension? There are five dimensions of an organization’s environment which impact most companies. These dimensions are the personal/social environment, the public environment, the institutional environment, the financial environment and the technological environment. In essence, every organization is influenced by all five of these dimensions in some …

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Importance of Politics in India and Elsewhere

Politics is a study of societal interaction. It traces its origins back to the earliest known civilizations and has been constantly growing as an essential element of our modern society. Politics is a political action that seeks to gain power through various means. In some societies, politics is the way …

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How Taiwan figures in US-China ties under Biden

China will no doubt continue to demand an independent island under its control. Given their positions, this issue is likely to remain a source of controversy in American-China relations. (Image Image) (afp)WORLD NEWSHow Taiwan statistics in US-China tie under BidenThe US response reflects what is expected of continued US support …

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