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Cricket Rules – Why Cricket Is So Popular?


Cricket is a multi-day sport played between teams of eleven players at a flat ground in the center of which is an artificial pitch with a wicket in each end, each containing two bails, balanced on three stumps made from iron. The ball is tossed to one side by the batsman or bowler and caught by the wicket keeper who then pins the ball down with his finger. A match is normally played for three to five overs with three minutes per over.


Cricket can be played either as a two-team contest or as a one vs. another match involving only two teams. Cricket has gained much popularity among the masses because it is a very easy to learn sport. Unlike football and basketball, cricket involves no great skill, all a player needs to be able to do is hit the ball with the bat or bowl the ball to another player. There is no need for you to have extremely good health or even be tall and slender because you will not need any physical fitness test to play cricket.


The origin of cricket can be traced back to the year eleven hundred and fifty-nine when William Shakespeare first played the game. The origin of cricket is also related to the fact that it was originally known as England Cricket. William Shakespeare, although not actually writing any of the English language plays, was the first person to popularize the sport during his time as a playwright in England.


Cricket began when England were preparing for the Cricket World Cup that was to be held in England and in Sri Lanka in the 18th century. During this time there were very few other teams that regularly played cricket so there was a huge shortage of wickets. Because England did not have a good wicket keeper then they often used their batsmen to bowl the ball to the batsmen when they did not get the wickets. This caused the batsmen to become over confident with their ability to bowl the ball and made a habit of chasing the batsmen to try and win the game for their team. This is what eventually became known as catching the ball after being woken by the batsman!


With this new style of catching the ball the England cricket team became known as the “bowling team” or “dinner bowler” because many of their players could bowl well even when they were on the field but could not field. The early games of cricket involved the batting coach who would visit the school ground to train the young children in catching the ball. In the early days of cricket, the bowler was always last to bat and would bowl at the end of the game. As time passed this tradition changed and the bowler was usually the last person to bat.


With the start of professionalism cricket in India in the late twentieth century a completely new facet was added to the game when the government of Pakistan began offering scholarships to professional cricketers. There was so much media attention given to this development that it really did change the way cricket was played and followed. Many more players started to play the sport professionally. With the professionalization continuing and with the growth of the market for cricket balls Pakistan began producing some of the finest cricket players of the world including legends MS Dhoni and Tendulkar.


Over the years cricket has developed so much that it now has national and international teams and leagues for boys and girls. Cricket is so popular that when a Test match is held outside the country many fans travel to the country to watch it. Cricket coverage is huge all over the world and is shown in over 200 television channels. Cricket coverage has increased so much that even the occasional local cricket match is shown live on the radio. Cricket is so popular that there are now schools that specialize in training young cricketers and there are even academies that produce young players who wish to make a career out of cricket.


Cricket is so popular that when cricket rules changes are made to affect the way in which the game is played, cricket fans immediately take to the streets to watch their team. Cricket is played not only on a ground by cricketers, but on top of the cricket pitch as well as below it. The bowlers bowl the wickets are hit by batsmen who try to take the wickets and the batsman tries to take the wickets. Cricket is a great sport and is enjoying immense popularity around the world and its rules and regulations have helped it grow so much.

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