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Delhi summons top Indian Facebook official over hateful content

NEW DELHI: Delhi summon Facebook’s India chief Ajit Mohan Saturday to answer allegation that the social media giant failed to take away unsafe content in its biggest marketplace globally.

India is the US-base firm and its messaging service WhatsApp’s biggest market in terms of users, and the corporation is under force worldwide over the policing of hate speech.

Facebook has been involved in a huge row in India after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported in August that the site unsuccessful to get down anti-Muslim commentary by a politician from the decision Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in order to defend its commerce wellbeing

The Delhi meeting panel on peace and agreement said Saturday it would investigate evidence — described by the committee as “incriminating materialon record” — submitted by four famous journalists and digital rights activist.

The group has asked Mohan, the managing director of Facebook India, to appear before it on September 15 to find out the “veracity of allegation” made by the group.

It follow US civil rights groups claiming last week that the firm had failed to speak to horrible content in India and demand that its India policy chief, Ankhi Das, be removed.

Facebook has denied any following bias but admitted it has to do better to curb hate language.

The board — headed by Raghav Chadha, a lawmaker with a social gathering rivalling Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s BJP — also supposed the firm should be probe over its “alleged role and involvement” in the sectarian Delhi riots in February.

approximately 50 people, the majority of them Muslims, were kill in the worst unrest in years flanked by India’s majority Hindus and alternative Muslims.

following the furore over the WSJ’s August account Facebook infertile T. Raja Singh, a BJP politician who had supposed Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar should be blast

Singh told AFP he would fight the ban and that Facebook’s act was an assault on BJP.

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