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Ethiopia’s Grand resurgence dam


Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt have decided to continue discussions to conclude their long multifaceted argument over the Grand resurgence Dam hydropower plan in the Horn of Africa.


The Nile has been at the center of a multifaceted argument involving more than a few countries that are dependent on the river’s h2O.


The Grand resurgence Dam hydropower plan is construct by Ethipia and will be Africa’s biggest once finished.

The main waterways of the Nile run through Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt, and its sewerage basin runs through more than a few countries in East Africa, as well as Ethiopia.

The building of the dam was commence in 2011 on the Blue Nile stream of the river that runs crossways one division of Ethiopia.

 The Nile is a required water cause in the region and Egypt has again and again objected to the dam’s building, saying it will collision water flow.

The long-standing argument has been a cause of anxiety for international spectator who fear      that it may enlarge divergence between the two nations and fall out into additional countries in the Horn of Africa.

Sudan’s place between Egypt up north and Ethiopia downward south has spawn it to become a unwilling party to this argument.

Dam as a cause of conflict

The Blue Nile carries a main segment of water into the major Nile river. The dam would potentially allow Ethiopia to gain manage of the run of the river’s waters.

Egypt lies further downstream and is concerned that Ethiopia’s control over the water could result in lower water levels within its own borders.

Egypt and its financial system is increasingly centred approximately the Nile and inferior water        accessibility is sure to obstruct its growth and expansion.

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