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Four killed as building collapses in Korangi

KARACHI: It was a catastrophic day in Allahwala Town of the region Korangi on Thursday, when a four-storeyed housing building collapsed murder at least four peoplecounting a mother and her child, and injuring dozens. Some people of three families are reported to be attentive in the rubble for whom a search was happening

The building was unlawfully constructed over a 240 square yards portion of an amenity plot of 22,596 square yards, in the Allahwala Town, in which as many as seven families lived. The Sindh structure Control Authority (SBCA), withdrew from its blame after claiming that it was one of the several unlawfully-constructed buildings over the amenity plot, ST-12, for a playground and it never issued any approval for its construction.

It, however, has yet tocome up with an explanation as to who allowed the construction and why it by no means took any action against the illegal building. DG SBCA Ashkar Dawar didn’t respond to the frequent phone calls by The News.

According to the district administration, the multi-storeyed building had started dipping into the ground, after which it was emptied on the orders of the second-in-command Commissioner of the District Korangi, Sheharyar Gul Memon, two days ago. However, when the structure collapsed on Thursday, one family was still residing in it.

Police long-established that four people were killed including a mother and her child and six others were wounded in the building that collapsed. “So far we have in good health bodies of four populace counting Ayesha (35) wife of Zulfiqar, and her two children Arslaan(9) and Aun Bibi (9), while six were upset by the lessening wreckage of the structure,” Korangi Industrial Area SHO Nawaz Gondal told The News.

Personnel from the army’s Engineering Corps brought a large crane to remove the rubble. The save team, including Edhi and Chippa ambulances, also reach the site, while the police enthused spectators gone

This is the fourth main event of building collapse in the port-city, bringing into query the performance of the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and the district administrations, which have repeatedly unsuccessful to demolish hazardous and illegal buildings construct crossways the city.

Earlier, in February a earth-plus-five storeyed residential building constructed on 80-square-yard plot in Lyari’s Usmanabad developed crack before tilting dangerously. In March, a ground plus five-storeyed building, where another floor was being constructed, collapsed and trigger the collapse of two other adjacent buildings, resultant in the deaths of additional than 20 people and leaving more than 14 injured. In June a five-storeyed residential building situated in Lyari’s Kalri area collapsed, killing more than 22 people. Apart from these several minor structure collapses have also been reported.

According to the population of the Allahwala Town, the structure had collapsed because its foundation had weakened after rainwater accumulated in the cellar for a long period of time. “The water wasn’t exhausted, despite manifold requests to the region administration,” said one of the inhabitants

Another resident, Muhammad Zaman said that the structure was constructed some four years ago, while the additional two housing buildings adjacent to the collapsed one were constructed two years back. “There wasn’t power and water link in the collapsed building, neither in the two buildings adjacent to it,” he said adding that the occupants of the structure had an illegal power link.


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