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HLN News Live Stream Online

HLN is an American basic cable news channel owned by CNN. The channel mainly carries a timetable of news programming for the duration of the daytime hours, with the remainder of its schedule dedicated to true crime programs drawn largely from the library of non-operational sister network Court TV, as well as new original programs within the field.The channel initially launched in 1982 as CNN2, a rotate-off of CNN. Its original format featured a cycle of regularly updated segments at thirty-minute intervals twenty-four hours a day, for a moment covering various areas of interest, such as national news, sports, entertainment, weather, and business. before long after launching, the network was rebranded as Headline News and later, CNN Headline News. The network later introduced an automation system to cycle its segments in a pre-recorded format, removing the need for them to be aired live. In 2001, the channel began to diverge from this strict rolling news layout, adding more live-anchored programming, and later introducing a primetime block featuring pundit-based programs, with hosts such as conservative radio host Glenn Beck and officially authorized reporter Nancy Grace among others.

In the mid-2010s, HLN repositioned itself as a social media-centric network, importance headlines popular on social networking services, and introducing several programs relating to the subject of social media. Under new CNN president Jeff Zucker, the channel began to shift ground on this programming in 2016, increasingly shifting to a focus on crime, “regional” headlines, and entertainment stories (in contrast to CNN’s current focus on politics) during its hours of daylight programming, with the residue of its bill being devoted primarily to true crime programming As of July 2015, HLN is available to about 91.1 million households (94.9 percent of pay small screen subscribers) in the United States, making it the most distributed American payment network   Since the mid-2000s, HLN has been to be had internationally on disburse television providers in parts of Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, and Canada.

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