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Kazakhstan sanctions international protocol to eradicate death punishment

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gesture a law that consent the ‘Second elective Protocol’ to the global Covenant on Civil and Political virtue. The protocol entails a formal promise to abolishing the death punishment.

In late September 2020, Kairat Umarov, Kazakhstan’s perpetual representative to the United Nations had signed the Second elective Protocol. The manuscript then later on went to the assembly of Kazakhstan and was confirm by it on December 29, 2020.

The Second Optional Protocol commits its signatories to make sure the elimination of capital penalty within their authority, only with the exclusion of wartime.

Temporary deferral of the death punishment in Kazakhstan:

The first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in 2003 had gesture a decree which temporarily perched the death punishment in the country.

This decree perched the execution of all the death punishment but it did not forbid the courts from issuing death sentences in unusual situation. In 2004, life imprisonment was estabilish in Kazakhstan as an option punishment.

concerning the ‘Second Optional Protocol’:

In 1966, the global Covenant on Civil and diplomatic Rights was embrace and entered into force in 1976. At the time 176 countries assume to it.

On December 15, 1989, the Second elective Protocol was embrace to it which pursue at the elimination of capital penalty or the death penalty. The protocol came into force in 1991. 88 further nations, asidefrom Kazakhstan, are also members of the contract.

The countries that symbol the contract take the following obligations:

  • Not to appertain the death punishment
  • To take all the compulsory measures for eradicate the death punishment within their jurisdiction
  • The only exemption to implement the death punishment will be allowable in the case of wartime.


Untill 2021, Capital penalty in Kazakhstan had been abolished for usual crimes. However, it was allow for the crimes that happen in special situation (such as war). The legal way of processing in the country had been shooting, a sole shot at the back of the head.

In 2003, then-leader Nursultan Nazarbayev had introduced a suspension on the death punishment and had later reduce the death sentences. In 2007, the government of Kazakhstan modify its constitution and abolished the death punishment for all the crimes except the terrorist behavior that guide to the loss of human life as well as serious crimes that are faithful during the war.

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