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KCYU FOX 41 News Yakima Wa

KCYU-LD, practical channel 41 (UHF digital channel 29), is a low-motorized double Fox/Telemundo-joined television post certified to Yakima, Washington, United States. The post is owned by Atlanta-based Cox Media collection. KCYU-LD’s studios are located on West Lincoln Avenue in Yakima, and its source is located on Ahtanum Ridge.Although considered a crack up station in its own true, KCYU-LD is a semi-satellite of Pendleton, Oregon-licensed KFFX-TV (channel 11), which serves the Tri-Cities area. KCYU-LD simulcasts all Fox set-up and syndicated programming as provided through its parent, and the two stations share a website. However, KCYU-LD airs separate lawful identifications and marketable inserts. KFFX-TV serves the eastern partially of the Tri-Cities/Yakima marketplace while KCYU-LD serves the western portion. Master control and some internal operations of KCYU-LD are based at KFFX-TV’s studios on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick. On satellite, KCYU-LD is only accessible on Dish Network, while DirecTV carries KFFX-TV as an alternativehistoryFox programming first came to Yakima on October 1, 1989, when K53CY  channel 53 (usually referred to as merely “KCY”) signed on as a half-satellite of Spokane’s KAYU-TV; it aired the majority of KAYU’s programming (with the exemption of programming that KAYU did not grip the constitutional rights to show in Yakima), with inserts for local commercials. Subsequently, a construction permit for a new low-power station on channel 68 in Yakima was issued on April 1, 1993  and given the call sign K68EB  this facility signed on a month soon.

In spite of the different call symbol, K68EB was still called “KCY” exterior of Federal Communications Commission-necessary station identifications.unique proprietor Salmon stream connections sold K68EB, beside with KAYU-TV, KBWU-LP in the Tri-Cities, and KMVU in Medford, Oregon, to Northwest Broadcasting in 1995  The call mail were altered to KCYU-LP on November 20, 1995.  KCYU-LP remained a semi-satellite of KAYU until January 1999, when it became a semi-satellite of the new KFFX-TV. The station remained on channel 68 until 2003, when KCYU-LP enthused to channel 41. On December 15  2008, KCYU-LP ended analog spreading and converted to a high definition digital signal  in mirror image of this exchange, the call mail were modified to the present KCYU-LD on July 8, 2009.

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