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KNDO NBC 23 News Yakima Wa

KNDO, effective channel 23 (UHF digital channel 16), is an NBC-joined television station certified to Yakima, Washington, United States. The place is owned by the Spokane-based Cowles Company as division of the KHQ Television Group. KNDO’s studios are situated on West Yakima Avenue in business district Yakima, and its transmitter is located on Ahtanum Ridge.KNDU (channel 25) in Richland operates as a semi-satellite of KNDO, portion the Tri-Cities area; this place maintains its own studios on West Kennewick Avenue in Kennewick. As a KNDO semi-satellite, it simulcasts all set-up and syndicated programming as provided through its parent, and the two stations divide a website. However, KNDU airs separate marketable inserts and legal identifications. restricted newscasts, produced by KNDU, are simulcast on both stations. KNDO serves the western partially of the Yakima Tri-Cities market while KNDU serves the eastern portion.

The two stations are counted as a single unit for ratings purposes. Master control and some internal operations are base at the studios of sister station, fellow NBC affiliate and company flagship KHQ-TV on West Sprague Avenue in business district Spokane.On settlement, KNDO is only accessible on DirecTV, while Dish Network carries KNDU instead. KNDO debuted on the air on October 15, 1959. It was owned by Hugh Davis and his Columbia Empire distribution business. in the past, all three networks had been shoehorned on primary CBS link KIMA-TV (channel 29). Although conventional understanding optional that KNDO should have sign on as an NBC affiliate, it debuted as an ABC link. This was very unusual for a two-station marketplace specially one as small as Yakima. During this time, it carried a secondary affiliation with NBC, and also aired a few CBS programs turned down by KIMA-TV, including The Andy Griffith Show. KNDU was extra as a partially-settlement in 1961.In 1965, KNDO became a main NBC associate, but mutual ABC with KIMA-TV until KAPP (control 35) debuted in 1970 to take the ABC association; since then, the place has been an limited NBC associate.

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