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Lock&Stock, mobile app focusing on ending ‘digital addiction’, begins operations in Pakistan

Mobile function Lock&Stock — that aims to end “digital infatuation” among students — has kickstarted its operations in Pakistan, according to a force down make public by the corporation.

“Digital addiction among students is on the rise with particularly 16-18-year-olds expenditure hundreds of hours glued to their smartphones. Our brand cause is to get better the lives of students and we aim to fight digital addiction in the middle of students from approximately the world,” said Craig Fernandes, 23-year-old Co-Founder and CEO of the app.

The app tends to prize students for the amount of occasion they lock their phones. For example, students are satisfied with ‘keys’ for each minute they lock their phones.

These keys can be used to enjoy offers and discounts from food, free time and sell brands, apply for jobs in organisations and safe scholarships from top universities approximately the globe.

Lock&Stock has enjoyed achievement in the UAE, where it first began its operations in 2017. Data from the company reveals that 50,000 students in UAE exhausted a joint 558 years offline due to the app.

The app tracks the quantity of occasion students spend away from their cellphones, helping them along the way by overcrowding their communal media notifications.

“Students try to win among one one more on a leaderboard and top-performing user are given a weekly prize. The application also allows students to add their associates to a custom leaderboard to compete alongside each other,” read a press let go from Lock&Stock.

The app launched a scholarships stage built into the application allowing students to exact of admission a system of over 400 universities from approximately the globe.

Using the app, students can gain fee waivers and bursaries in expensive universities. The app continues to enjoy fame as information points out how — In 2019 alone — Lock&Stock students tenable over half a million dollars in a variety of scholarships and fee waivers through the application.

Lock&Stock is accessible to download for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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