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Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s decision to keep royal titles as civilians

Piers Morgan asks on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to freely give up royal titles follow their cavernous dive into civilian life.

The host for The Good Morning Britain show touched winning the couple’s consistent use of their regal titles, while simultaneously advocating for a more private lifestyle.

During a chat with The Sun,  Morgan began by saying, “If you actually desire to find liberty, and you actually want to divorce the country, why would you keep the titles ‘Duke and Duchess of Sussex’?

“I’m from Sussex and I bet I’ve exhausted additional time there over the history week than they have in their whole lives, and yet they desire to trade off their regal names to get all this money.”

This is not the first time Morgan has called on the pair to give up their royal title, his first public jab came while Meghan Markle was presence Michelle Obama’s When All Women Vote occasion.

While Morgan has praised the couple for paying rear UK taxpayers in full for Frogmore Cottage, he also feels, “It’s great they’ve paid back the Frogmore money, it’s great they’re not captivating any more of Charles’s cash, but they’ve kept the titles.”

Even their Netflix deal come as a consequence of their get in touch with as royalty. “The only reason Netflix is paying them all this money is because of their regal titles – you think Meghan Markle would have got £1.50 out of them without it?”

However, other regal experts disagree with Morgan’s call claim that it is now “too late” to remove the titles given at the marriage

Robert Jobson, royal editor at the Evening Standard said, “The Queen made the choice to honour Harry by making him a magnificent duke on his marriage day. He is, and will always be, a prince — known he is the second son of the heir to the throne.”

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