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Pompeo says smooth transition to ‘a second Trump administration’ will take place

The Trump management, it seems is not willing to hand over authority to Joe Biden and his camp after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  said there will be a soft transition to “one more Trump administration”.

The comments from the senior Trump administration officialls came as he was addressing a press meeting on Tuesday. Pompeo was asked by reporters if the State department was working with the Biden transition team to ensure a soft transition of power.

Pompeo made the statement ad then laughed, leaving everyone clueless as to whetherhe was attempting at humour or was grave about the Trump administration’s legal challenges about the election.

“We’re ready, the globe is watching what’s taking position,” he said in a follow-up. “We’re counting votes and when the procedure is whole there’ll be electors chosen, there’s a process the establishment lays it out attractive clearly.

“The world should have every self-assurance that the transition neccessary to make sure that the State section is functional today, successful today, and successful with the president who’s in office on January 20th,” he said.

Trump has so far not approved the election, saying alleging with no proof that he was a victim of election fraud but with no giving any proof. As per US media statement, federal agencies have been warned not to help with Joe Biden’s transition team.

Pompeo, during the press conference, became irritated at questions asked by journalists about whether the State section would work with Joe Biden’s organization.

“That’s ridiculous. And you know it’s ridiculous. And you asked it because it’s ridiculous. You asked a question that is ridiculous, this section  cares extremely to make  sure elections around the world are secure and protected and free and fair,” he said.

Pompeo said that the country “always encounters a state of affairs” when the results of an election are not clear. “We work to uncover details, we work to do detection, to learn whether  in fact the outcome, the result that was made refleted the will of the people,”

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