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Prince Harry once escaped a massive accident: report

Basil Brush has exposed he once save Prince Harry’s life while drama at Kensington Palace.

The furry favourite and his creator Ivan Owen were allegedly invite to Kensington fortress by Princess Diana to perform for Harry and his big brother William.

Harry was five when tragedy almost struck. The small prince decided to climb out a window, but Basil and puppeteer pal Ivan Owen were on hand over to save the day, according to a sensationalist

As per the details,  Harry almost crawled out of an unlock window in front of his mum. Ivan manage to save the prince before he tumbled out.

Michael Winsor, who has spoken Basil because 2002 after Ivan’s death, was report to have said: “He’d been invited to do a small explain in front of William and Harry by Princess Diana in the late eighties.”

It continued: “Harry was an active boy, just crawling around and playing. There was this open window and he said, ‘No Harry, don’t go near that open window,’ and he just managed to pull him back in time and say, ‘Oi, shut that door.”

Now, the Duke of Sussex is the father of his two-year-old son and enjoying quality time with him and wife Meghan Markle in the US.

Harry and Meghan moved to the US following a brief stay on Vancouver Island in Canada, after the pair formally quit their senior roles within the Royal Family at the end of March.

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