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Prince Philip wanted nothing to do with Prince Charles’s ‘soul-searching: report

Prince Philip has evermore been a rather hardheaded character and forever wanted his hold son to be the related way so far, Prince Charles was always the complete opposite.

While the prince respected his first born extremely, he had no tolerance with his “soul-searching” romantic approach and required him to “toughen up” so tha the could grip life’s troubles.

Royal creator Penny Junor touched on Prince Philip’s behavior in his book Diana: Story of a Princess and explained how, “Prince Philip is bluff, outspoken, hearty, hard, and somewhat of a bully.”

“He has no tolerance with his eldest son’s soul-searching. Sensitivity is not one of the character he expects in a man, and although he without doubt has great friendliness for Prince Charles, he has spend a lifetime criticizing him and quietlyundermeaning his self-esteem.”

Prince Philip’s thoughts on Prince Charles’s ‘softness’ was no secret in the royal fold. still the prince’s cousin countless Mountbatten told Daily Mail, “A elastic nature such as Philip, toughened by the slings and arrows of life, who sees organism tough as a requirement for sustained existence, required to toughen up his son.”

In responsibility so he enrolled the young-looking prince in his alma mater school, Gordonstoun but Prince charless found it to be a “prison sentence” crafted to become his “absolute hell.”

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