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South Korea’s declining Population

Why in news?

For the first time in the past, the number of deaths telerecord in South Korea over the history year eclipse births, generate the country’s population to refuse.

What is the present scenario?

In 2020, approximately 3.07 lakh people pass away in South Korea, and only 2.75 lakh children were born.

The digit of new delivery fell by 10% from 2019.

At the last of 2020, the country’s populace was fewer by 20,838 from the year before.

The increase rate of South Korea’s population reduce from 1.49% in 2010 to 0.05% by 2019.

If this tendency continues, the government anticipate that the populace will drop from the present 5.18 crore to 3.9 crore by 2067. accordingly, 46% of people will be on top of 64 years of age.

Why is South Korea’s populace declining?

In a lot of parts of the globe, greater financial growth and lower fruitfulness rates often go hand in hand.

South Korea is a extremely industrialised state.

It already has the world’s smallest birth rate at 0.92 as of 2019; the number constitute the normal number of kids a woman has.

This figure is considerably smallest than the fertility rate of 2.1 required for alternate of the existing population.

In India, the fruitfulness rate is 2.2, as per 2019 facts.

Some of the cause believed to be behind the low birth rate include unwillingness to opt for motherhood leave.

one more cause said is the high genuine land prices, which deter young couples from buying a house and preliminary a family.

What is the government reply?

South Korea’s government has said that it would carry in “basic changes” to address this tendency.

In December 2020, President Moon Jae-in declare policies such as giving money inducement for families.

  The plan, which begin in 2022, will give a one-off payment of 2 million won (around Rs 1.35 lakh) for       each child born, to assist cover fatherly costs.

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