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Information About Hockey

Hockey is a popular sport where two teams compete against each other with a hockey stick by attempting to maneuver a ball or a stick through an opponent’s goal using only a hockey stick. There are several different kinds of hockey including ice hockey, bandy, league hockey, indoor ice hockey …

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Cricket Rules – Why Cricket Is So Popular?

Cricket is a multi-day sport played between teams of eleven players at a flat ground in the center of which is an artificial pitch with a wicket in each end, each containing two bails, balanced on three stumps made from iron. The ball is tossed to one side by the …

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What is the Best Sport For Your Health?

It may come as a surprise to hear that what is the best sport for your health? For some people, they will look at a list of popular activities and say “playing tennis, going on a golf course, or working out in the gym.” While these may be good things …

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The Truth About Sport and Weight Loss

Sport has a number of different definitions that individuals and sport fans can use to describe any event or sport. However, there is a difference between sport and recreation. Recreation refers to activities that are done for fun or for leisure while sport relates to competition or exercise. A number …

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