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The Importance of Politics

importance of politics

The importance of politics cannot be emphasized enough. As a citizen of the country you must understand how politics works and influence how it affects you as well as your country. Politics affects you in the city as well as the country and politics influences the decision-makers in both the fields. Here are some ways how politics affect you as a citizen of the country:


It is very important to take political opinions seriously, as you need to understand what’s going on around you, especially in the government. It is equally important to take a political stand on what’s going on around you as you also need to understand what’s happening in the country at the moment. At times when there seems to be a lot of chaos or uncertainty in the country, it can be advised that you take a political stand and get involved. Politics affects you in the private and the public sector, and at times, people have no other way but to take a political side. Hence, the importance of politics is felt everywhere.


Politics has always been a part of the country’s culture. It’s something deeply rooted in the psyche and it cannot be taken lightly. The culture of politics is one where there is a deep level of respect for elders who have had long served the nation, and this goes from ancestors to leaders. For this reason, if you want to understand politics then it is important that you get a good education, and read a lot of books that would give you a clear picture about politics.


Politics also has its effects on the economy. As more politics is conducted in the public sector, there is a demand for more skilled public servants. In such a scenario, public sector jobs such as doctors are highly in demand. If you want to do a public job and have an edge over others, then politics might be your ticket to success.


Politics also has its effects on the country as a whole. When elected leaders are voted by the people, politics plays a big part. At times, when leaders are voted by the party itself, politics plays a very important role. Elected government also ensures that the interests of the common man are fulfilled. For instance, when the government starts with a program of development of a particular state or locality, the community itself will feel that the common interest has been met.


Politics has its roots in the enlightenment thought. It also has its origins in antiquity. Aristotle in his “Theory of Politics” argued that all states are ruled by some form of democracy. For Aristotle, the only solution to political problems was participation in politics. As a matter of fact, Aristotle argued that individuals must be active citizens in order to understand politics and to be fully aware of their place in the society.


It is undeniable that politics has an immense importance in our lives. There are many debates as to what role politics should play in our daily lives. Some argue for a separation of politics from the public sector, while others believe that politics and the public sector should work together.


The importance of politics is also illustrated by the fact that most of the laws introduced by governments are passed through parliament. Politics forms a very important role in deciding what happens to the country. It decides who gets places in business and how they are governed. It also decides what kind of education the public gets and what kinds of industries are developed. Without politics, we probably wouldn’t have any sense of responsibility towards other living creatures like other species of animals and plants.

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