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The tech game changers in 2020 – and what you can await in 2021

The long-ago 12 months will extended be remembered for the news that created us, the sadness, the difficulty and the crash world proceedings had on our own individual lives.

But with huge challenges comes huge opportunities, the probability to innovate, drive alter and force us to break from old habits.

Looking back at 2020 there are important moments for the technology manufacturing, on top of a revelation to what 2021 power offer.

Everyone knows how to create a video call

Video calls are barely a new thing. While movies always forecast they would be the method of the future, they actually didn’t see how inflexible it would be to get people using them.

Skype was produced 17 years ago, Apple’s Facetime was report ten years ago beside the iPhone 4, yet 2020 was all concerning Zoom.

a lot of of us used Facetime on and off, but in realism most people shunned the idea of a video call. Some people immediately flip their hands in the air at the thought of a video discussion let alone a one-on-one video call.

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