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Trouble for Altaf as MQM-P intitiates legal claim for 7 London properties

In a first, the Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) has initiated lawful claims next to party creator, Altaf Hussain, brother and five other connections, for the possession of seven luxurious properties in London.

The News has seen proof of the lawful claim initiated this week by the MQM-P through a London rule firm Legis Chambers for the manage of seven prime site properties valued at over £10 million. The law hard has started the container on behalf of its customer Syed Aminul Haque, the MNA from NA251 Karachi who is a Federal Minister and also a member of the MQM-Pakistan’s Rabita Committee.

This is the first occasion that the MQM-Pakistan has in use up a direct confront to its preceding maker and his connections since the social meeting bankrupt up after the Altaf’s infamous August 16 speech. The MQM-Pakistan has launch the claim in its capacity as the recipient of the trusts that holds the seven London properties.

The legal maintain by the MQM-P has the following defendants responsible to the Pakistani chapter: Altaf Hussain of Abbey View; Iqbal Hussain of swap Boulevard, Glendale height, Illinois, Tariq Mir of West London, Muhammad Anwar of Edgware, Iftikhar Hussain of High sight, Gardens Edgware, Qasim Raza of Cowper grounds, and Euro Property Developments of Highview Gardens, Edgware.

The MQM-P’s courtyard claim is focused on the next seven properties which are confidence assets: Abbey View house; High View Gardens first house, High View grounds second house, Whitchurch Lane first house, Whitchurch Lane second house, Brookfield Avenue house and the MQM 1st Floor Elizabeth House office.

Barrister Nazar Mohammad of Legis Chambers told Geo and The reports: “The cause of the maintain is to get declaratory let go from the High courtyard as to faith assets which are detained by the Defendants as trustees for the benefit of the MQM-P. In adding to the declarations of trust, there are other sworn court ID which affirm and attest that the trust assets fit in to the MQM. There are exact trust papers disclosed within the court file lodged at courtyard and served on the individual Defendants.”

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