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What is Political Dimension?

What is the political dimension? There are five dimensions of an organization’s environment which impact most companies. These dimensions are the personal/social environment, the public environment, the institutional environment, the financial environment and the technological environment. In essence, every organization is influenced by all five of these dimensions in some way or another.


Many political pundits decried the “de-stressing” effect that public speaking has on employees. Perhaps this is because politics has always been something of a sacred cow subject. Ancient Greeks believed that political philosophy was a form of art. It was something that was revered and was not criticized.

Today, some call this out-of-the-box thinking, a violation of free speech and even a slap at the intelligence of company executives. However, there is nothing new in this. Just look at how corporations have managed their political systems for thousands of years. They have always chosen leaders who were committed to the cause and who were pro-business, because they understood how politics worked to make business better. Today, we consider this a quaint anachronism.


Does a company need to focus on politics? If a company is committed to being “social,” then perhaps it should be. It is important to be “in politics” so that you can affect change and see it come into fruition. How does a company go about doing this?


The first step to take is to define politics. Politics is the process by which groups of people come together to determine the shape of society and government. This process begins with birth and passes through many stages to arrive at present day politics. Humans began to draw on their political instincts long before government was in place. Therefore, it stands to reason that politics must be something that all individuals share in, because only government can move societies forward.


The second step to take when working toward a goal of what is political is to identify your own personal political beliefs and opinions. What is your vision of a just world? What do you think is the best course for humanity? What values do you believe in? Do you want to work to create a better tomorrow for everyone?


Then, begin to develop your company’s vision of politics. Do you feel strongly about the environment? Do you want to see things change for the better? Is saving the planet your top priority? Are you interested in social justice?


What is the political dimension? Perhaps it has never been so important. Maybe it is time for you to discover where you stand on the matter. It could be a journey that takes you far into the future of your company…but if not, then at least you know where you’re going.


Your company needs to have a clearly delineated set of goals. It should be made clear to everyone who works for the company that the company holds political beliefs. If your marketing materials to indicate that you hold political views, then it is necessary to make that clear – in print and in advertising. It is a shame when a marketing piece is silent on this important topic.


When a business is in politics, you must always put yourself in the position of the voter. What is the political dimension? How can you use your marketing materials to sway the political persuasions of your consumer market? This is a tough question – one you must answer if you want your business to succeed.


Does your company sell products or services that can influence how a nation will govern? Do you have a stake in legislation? Do you want to use the government to protect your interests? Do you wish to be part of a business that is the voice of one nation or another? How about the marketing pieces that your company have?


Once you learn about political marketing – what is the political dimension – you can begin to develop new strategies that will use this knowledge to better serve your consumer base. Marketing is one of the ways people get their products to market. Without marketing, your company will cease to exist. Marketing is how companies stay in business. If it is not marketing, your business will die. Knowing this, you must take time to educate yourself about the political influences upon your business model.

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