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Witnesses accused police of pressurising them to nominate Achakzai in murder case: court

QUETTA: A Quetta representation courtyard  said  that witnesses in the murder case of  a traffic warden supposed that they were pressurised by police to propose former MPA Abdul Majeed Achakzai in the case.

The courtyard, in its detailed verdict concerning the case on Monday, affirmed that in glow of the development, witnesses’ statements had become not allowed

The detailed judgement said that the previous MPA was acquitted as the trial could not bring onward evidence enough to criminal him.

furthermore, none of the 20 witnesses long-established that Achakzai herd the car that ran over and killed the police official, confirmed the verdict.

Achakzai was under arrest days following as he allegedly hit and ran over traffic warden Haji Attaullah at Quetta’s GPO Chowk on June 20, 2017. The warden suffered serious injuries and afterward died at a hospital.

throughout his 14-day remand, an individuality parade was not conducted against Achakzai, the detailed verdict said, count that there wasn’t enough ground to convict him.

After the courtyard acquitted the former MPA, Quetta police determined to file an application against the choice at the Balochistan High Court.

The Balochistan police had originally launch an FIR but after the CCTV footage of the mishap went viral on communal media and was frequently shown by TV channels, it determined to lodge a murder case next to the former MPA.

though, he was decided security by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) six months afterward and has been out of jail because then.

On Friday, Achakzai appeared before the courtyard as the judge announced the decision.

After his arrest, terrorism charges were included in the first information report (FIR) lodged against the former lawmaker.

However, a courtyard in Quetta had ready the taking away of the terrorism charges on his application and the case was transferred to a model courtyard.

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