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WNYF FOX 28 News Watertown Ny

WNYF-CD, effective channel 28 (UHF digital channel 35) is a near to the ground-mechanical, Class A mislead allied television station certified to Watertown, New York, United States and helping upstate New York’s North Country. Owned by Gray Television, it is a sister station to Carthage-licensed CBS link WWNY-TV (channel 7). The stations distribute studios on Arcade Street (along NY 3/NY 12) in business district Watertown; WNYF-CD’s spreader is situated along NY 126/State road on Champion mount. There is no break up website for WNYF-CD; in its place, it is incorporated with that of sister station WWNY-TV.Since WNYF-CD’s source is not almost well-built enough to wrap the whole marketplace, the station can also be seen in regular description on WWNY-TV’s following digital subchannel (virtual and VHF channel 7.2) from the winner Hill source site. On cable, WNYF-CD is available on Charter Spectrum channel 2.Before appropriate a break up entity, WNYF-CD was a repeater for ABC associate WWTI (channel 50) with the call symbols W25AB and W28BC.

 During that time, WWTI and WWNY had minor affiliations with Fox. WWNY’s secondary link was for NFL games during the years CBS did not have spreading privileges of the confederation. When that network acquired the rights to the AFC, WWTI then aired NFC games from Fox, in addition to ABC’s Monday Night Football (now on researcher Disney put of connections ESPN).In 2001, United connections and WWNY entered into an accord with Smith Broadcasting to make W25AB and W28BC fulloccasion Fox affiliates; Smith previously owned WWTI, but did not include the translators in that station’s sale to Ackerley Group in 2000. W25AB then distorted its call mail to WNYF-LP and ultimately moved from channel 25 to channel 28; after the Watertown station upgraded to Class A status in October 2002 (becoming WNYF-CA), W28BC hereditary the WNYF-LP call sign. WNYF-LP’s low-motorized analog sign on UHF channel 28 aired from a spreader on NY 420 in Massena.

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