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WVNC NBC 45 News Watertown Ny

WVNC-LD, effective channel 45 (UHF digital channel 24), is a low-motorized NBC-related TV station approved to Watertown, New York, United States. The station is owned by SagamoreHill Broadcasting. WVNC-LD’s studios are situated at Public four-sided figure in business district Watertown, and its transmitter is located along NY 126/State Street on Champion Hill. On cable, the station is obtainable on contract variety channel 6. Although the channel 45 frequency had never been used in Watertown prior to 2015, the neighboring channel 46 was the house of WLOT-LP, Watertown’s UPN affiliate, until its proprietor died in 2005 and the station went dark (its incidence has by no means been reactivated).

On August 28, 2016, the central communications Commission (FCC) accepted the move of manage of a low-power digital television license in Watertown, W45EI-D, from sunrise, Florida-based DTV America Corporation to SagamoreHill Broadcasting. The new owners punctually renamed the station WVNC-LD and signed it to an association deal with NBC, charitable the Watertown area its first close-based full-time NBC connect. The new station signed on December 1, 2016. Prior to WVNC-LD’s sign-on, North Country cable systems received either WSTM-TV in Syracuse or WPTZ in Plattsburgh, depending on the locate WWNY-TV previously had a secondary connection with the network until 1995. WPTZ and WSTM-TV are still accessible on cable the space end to end of with WVNC-LD.WVNC-LD’s major channel clears the whole NBC program, including The More You recognize, NBC’s E/I-compliant chunk which, as a short-power station, it is not necessary to clear. Syndicated programming on WVNC-LD includes The Wendy Williams ShowFamily Feudway in Hollywood, and The Kelly Clarkson demonstrateIn adding to NBC indoctrination, WVNC-LD operates the Watertown market’s Antenna TV associate on its LD2 subchannel. On weeknights, WVNC-LD2 also carries programs from the MyNetworkTV indoctrination service, satisfying in programming for all occasion slots external of the MyNetworkTV programming agenda with the Antenna TV agenda.

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