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WWNY CBS 7 News Watertown Ny

WWNY-TV, effective and VHF digital channel 7, is a CBS-joined television station certified to Carthage, New York, United States, serving Watertown and upstate New York’s North Country. Owned by Gray Television, it is a sister station to Watertown-approved low-motorized, group of students A Fox unite WNYF-CD (channel 28). The two stations share studios on Arcade Street (along NY 3/NY 12) in business district Watertown; WWNY-TV’s source is located along NY 126/State road on Champion Hill. On cable, the station is accessible on contract Spectrum channel 4 in both average and high description. WWNY-CD, effective channel 28 (UHF digital channel 18), is a Class A station certified to Massena, New York, which operates as a translator of WWNY-TV.

This station’s transmitter is situated southeast of South Colton the length of NY 56.WCNY-TV was decided a special temporary authority (STA) to begin broadcasting on October 14, 1954. It was nearby owned by the Watertown every day Times, which also owned WWNY radio (AM 790, now WTNY) in Watertown. The station accepted programming from two networks at the time (CBS, ABC then added NBC by the agenda) but has always been a most important CBS connect. During the late-1950s, WCNY was also briefly allied with the NTA movie Network. By the middle-1960s, the station benefited from the ratings-dominant CBS programming array and recognized a large viewership base, including much of eastern Ontario, Canada. After the FCC allowed television and radio stations to distribute the same support call sign even when they were licensed to dissimilar cities, channel 7 changed call letters to WWNY-TV to match its radio sisters in 1965. The WCNY-TV calls now reside on a PBS member station in nearby Syracuse. The station was a major recipient of a idiosyncrasy in the FCC’s plan for allocating stations. In the early days of broadcast television, there were twelve VHF channels available and 69 UHF channels (later summary to 55 in 1983). The VHF bands were more attractive because they carried longer distances. Since there were only twelve VHF channels accessible there were limits as to how intimately the stations could be spaced

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