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WYFX FOX 19 News Youngstown Oh

WYFX-LD, virtual channel 62 (UHF digital channel 32), is a low-motorized Fox-affiliated television place licensed to Youngstown, Ohio, United States. Owned by Nexstar Media Group, it is a sister rank to CBS connect WKBN-TV (channel 27); Nexstar also operates ABC link WYTV (channel 33) through shared sales and shared services agreements (JSA/SSA) with holder Vaughan Media, LLC. The three stations divide studios and transmitter facilities on Sunset Boulevard in Youngstown’s Pleasant Grove neighborhood.Even though WYFX broadcasts a digital gesture of its own, its low-motorized broadcasting radius only covers the immediate Youngstown area. Therefore, it is simulcast in elevated definition on WKBN-TV’s second digital subchannel (UHF channel 31 or virtual channel 27.2 via PSIP) in classify to accomplish the entire markethistoryWYFX-LP, along with repeater WFXI-LP (channel 17) in Mercer, Pennsylvania, were launched on September 6, 1998 as the area’s first full-occasion Fox affiliates. (WFXI-LP shared its identify letters with the Fox affiliate in Morehead City, North Carolina; both stations were owned by Piedmont TV until 2007, but were otherwise unrelated.) Previously, WYTV showed a little Fox Sports events from 1994 until 1998, while Fox’s prime-time programming was seen on cable via WPGH-TV in Pittsburgh, or from the network’s Cleveland affiliates, first WOIO-TV, then from WJW-TV after WOIO switched to CBS. With digital television in its immaturity at the time, WYFX and WFXI were in progress with their own signals as contrasting to opportunity stations WFMJ-DT2 and WYTV-DT2, which were both launched on new second digital subchannels of WFMJ-TV and WYTV respectively.

 This resulted in WYFX and WFXI having their own licenses with the FCC. Because of duopoly rules at the time, which would be partially repealed only two years later, both stations were launch as low-power stations (though WFXI converted to a class A license in 2002).The two were formerly branded “Fox 40/62”, followed by “Fox 31/62” and in conclusion “Fox 17/62” for most of their first ten years. In 2008, the stations started little by little re-branding themselves as “Fox Youngstown” in a little advertisements, regardless of still using the “Fox 17/62” logo. This was done because the on-air branding of “Fox 17/62” would be rendered useless once they would be forced to sign-off their analog signals in 2012. Low-rule and class A analog signals have a later closing date for sign-off than the June 12, 2009 sign-off for full-powered analog signals like WKBN. Additionally, WYFX and WFXI are carried on different channel positions on chainA fresh logo was introduced for the start of the 2008–2009 fall season, alike to the previous logo except that the “17/62” description, as well as the WYFX calls, are removed. several advertisements still used the “Fox 17/62” branding for several time then, but as of October 2008, the stations had all but fully renamed themselves as “Fox Youngstown”. A fully redesigned logo would introduction in February 2009, identical WKBN’s then-just now redesigned logo, and by that point all references to the stations’ channel numbers had moved out.

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