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Electronic Technician Jobs


Electronic technicians work with many of the same components that engineers work with. Electronic machines involve circuits that use electricity to function. Electrical and electronics technology is a very important part of modern society. Engineers and technicians deal with the design, manufacture, repair, and maintain the various electronic and electrical equipment that people use every day.


In recent years, employment in this field has been stagnant. Unemployment and underdevelopment in other sectors have contributed to the slow job growth for this occupation. With an abundance of other career options, the unemployment rate for this position is well above the national average. However, there is hope for those in the electronic technician jobs field.


The job description of an electronic technician is very straightforward. This occupation requires experience in all areas of the electronics industry and knowledge of both analog and digital electronics. All of these skills are acquired through on the job training. Those looking to break into this field should expect to perform numerous functions throughout their career. Some examples of duties performed by an electronic technician include but are not limited to the following:


Many people consider an electronics technician to be the equivalent of a doctor. Technicians assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A qualified technician can test a patient’s electrical and electronic health by using diagnostic equipment and testing instruments. In some cases, electronic technicians will be called upon to interpret diagnostic readings and conduct more detailed analysis of the data. Diagnostic work done by electronics technicians is typically carried out one on one and usually begins with basic procedures like measuring pH and blood pressure.


A qualified technician can also diagnose problems with telecommunications systems if they are installed in an office building or other facility. Some of the work performed by electronic technicians includes setting up communications networks. However, some electronics technicians also specialize in repairing telecommunications equipment in order to solve routine problems. An example of a problem that could require the services of a technician in a communications or computer technology company might be when a fax modem or phone system is down for a period of time.


In some cases, manufacturers will contract with qualified technicians to maintain the quality of their electronic systems. Qualified technicians who are employed by a manufacturer’s warranty department are known as extended warranty technicians. These technicians are required to work with specific manufacturers’ products and may also be required to work on repairs. Labor statistics indicate that technicians who are employed by extended warranty providers make about 50% less money than non-expert technicians. While there are several benefits to hiring an extended warranty provider to repair your business electronics, you must carefully select the right technician for the job. There are several keys to finding the right technician for your electronic repair needs.


When you are shopping for a qualified technician, you need to make sure that he has the proper credentials and training for electronic components. You should ask whether he is a certified service technician or a repair associate. A certified service technician typically receives specialized instruction in troubleshooting electronics and is expected to know the fundamentals of basic programming and testing procedures. A repair associate, on the other hand, typically performs basic testing procedures without specialized instruction and performs more advanced tests. You should also consider how experienced the technician is with the specific electronics being repaired.


You should also consider the type of technician jobs available in your area. There are general electronics technician jobs in the metropolitan areas and around the nation, as well as specialist technician jobs in smaller cities and towns. There are also jobs for those who already have a college degree in electronics or any other field. You should carefully evaluate your options to find the most appropriate technician jobs for you.

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